Cheetah Diaries

Şu anda yayın dışında Viasat Nature/HIstory

Join us for the third season of adventures at South Africa’s Cheetah Outreach organization! See how grumpy Baggins reacts to the arrival of a new girlfriend, and discover whether or not Chobe’s mystery illness will undermine his potential to become the next top cat. With the arrival of a huge cheetah litter of nine cubs and cute bat-eared foxes, there are many new faces to add to the bundle of colourful characters already among the cast of animals who call the outreach their home. Meanwhile, when old Anatolian ladies fail to produce any puppies, Annie and Lesta decide to introduce Wardance, a younger model, but when Mercedes gives birth to 14 puppies, Jessica and Lesta have their hands full trying to ensure their survival. And watch as Sebastian, the Meerkat, has a personality change and turns on his handlers.